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Manpower’s Free Training and Skills Development Page

This page provides links to free training and workplace skills development for our candidates and associates. We value the role of work in people’s lives. Our free training courses can connect you to knowledge that can positively impact your career.

Training and Development: Manpower’s training center offers access to thousands of free, online training courses designed to help improve your on-the-job performance and to make yourself more marketable! For help registering, call our office at 734-665-3757. For access to a variety of career resources including articles, webinars, and samples of resumes and cover letters to assist you in your job search, visit our corporate website at www.manpower.com and click on “Visit MyPath.”

Strategies for Success: Manpower’s Strategies for Success booklet is your guide to finding and landing the job you want. It is filled with helpful tips for every stage of your job search! Click here to access an electronic pdf version. For a printed copy, visit our office or call us and we’d be happy to mail one to you at no charge.

Resume, Interview, and Job Search Help: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A resume is your ticket into the job race and your interview is the key to convincing a potential employer that you are a great fit as part of their company. Click here for a bunch of great resources on our parent company’s website. These are significant tools that can make an employer sit up and take notice. Believe us when we say that it’s worth your time and energy to perfect them.

You can also follow Manpower, Inc. of Southeastern Michigan on Pinterest by clicking here. Our boards are full of tips ranging from “Dress for Success” to “Interviewing” to “Workplace Wellness.” We’re sure you’ll find something to help you put your best foot forward!”