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Why Work With Us?

5 Great Reasons to Connect with Manpower, Inc. of SE Michigan

Why Manpower?  That’s easy…

  1. We Know and Support Our Community (locally owned and successfully operated since 1962)
  2. We Find Good Jobs for Hundreds of People Each Year (check out feedback from our associates and customers on our Testimonials page)
  3. We Provide Complete Workforce Solutions for Customers (from the hiring process to human resources)
  4. We Provide Complete Workforce Connections for Associates (from the screening process to assignment to “best-in-industry” benefits)
  5. We Have the Resources to Meet Your Needs (two local offices operating 24/7/365 with global support from our parent company, ManpowerGroup)

Call us today at 734-665-3757 (Washtenaw County) and 734-241-2040 (Monroe County) to find out how we can help you connect to the new world of work!