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Six Steps for Spring Cleaning Your Resume

April 7, 2017

Winter is over and many people see the start of the new season as a good time to do some “spring cleaning.” While sorting through closets and drawers, why not also see if your resume could use some refreshing?

Below are six helpful tips for spring cleaning your resume. For more career resources, visit the Manpower Career Resource Center.

1. Confirm your details are accurate. Have you moved or changed your phone number or email address? Make sure a potential employer can still get in touch! You should also verify that your job titles and employment dates are correct.

2. Check that your job history includes accurate descriptions. Include a few bullet points that reflect your contributions and show how you helped your employer make or save money/time, solve problems or attract/retain customers.

3. Highlight your accomplishments. If you have awards or certifications that are relevant to your job or career, include them in a separate section on your resume.

4. Keep it clean – literally. Unless you seek employment in a creative field, your resume shouldn’t contain too much imagery or complex design – it should be clean and crisp. Ensure each section is properly spaced and aligned.

5. Save references for later. Are your personal/professional references listed on your resume? If so, remove them for now but have them ready to share when asked. Your reference sheet should have the same look and feel as your resume, with your contact information at the top of the page.

6. Use keywords when possible. Recruiters and hiring managers focus on keywords when looking through resumes, so ensure you include relevant terms wherever possible. When in doubt, review the words used in the job description.

Source:  ManpowerGroup