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Interview Tips: The Power of Body Language

November 16, 2017

By: Lawyer Vaughn Jr.

Several studies have concluded that body language contributes to over 90% of your communication. Everyone knows that what you say is very important during an interview; however, what your body portrays can be quite impactful too. Check out these tips to get the most out of your first impression.

A beautiful smile can paint a picture of your personality better than your words. A smile gives the presence of confidence, stability, positivity, enthusiasm, and friendliness. These are all qualities that any employer wants on their team. Just make sure not to exhaust your smile. You should not be smiling during the entire interview; but rather, picking your smiles at the right time.


Proper posture is a must. This element might be the most difficult of the bunch since you will be displaying it throughout the entire interview. Make sure that you are walking upright without a hunch; keeping your chin up and arms at your sides is recommended. Also ensure that your posture smoothly transitions from standing to sitting. Sit all the way back in your seat so that your back is leaning straight against the chair.

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Eye Contact
Your eyes can say a lot more than your mouth ever will. Eye contact creates a sense of rapport. You want to let your interviewer know that their opportunity is at the forefront of your interest during your interview. If it seems you lack focus during the interview, how can you be trusted on the job? Eye contact also displays confidence. Looking away from your focal point, the interviewer, can be concerning. Keep in mind that an interview is not a date; you do not want to gaze into someone’s eyes endlessly. Some people recommend staring at the interviewer’s face without focusing on one part.

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The key to a good handshake is not being too firm or too loose. Getting this crucial part right can really affect an interviewer’s first impression of you. Be sure to initiate the handshake without forcing it. You initiating it will show excitement and confidence. This is one of the only ways you will have physical contact with your recruiter. Finally, keep in mind that touch helps create a bond between individuals. Neurologist, Edmund Ross, found that physical touch activates the brain’s orbitofrontal cortex. This part of the brain is associated with feelings of reward and compassion so make sure you are leaving with a good vibe. Don’t forget to also check your hands to ensure they are not too damp, yet moisturized.

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Just keep in mind that your non-verbal communication can tell an interviewer a lot about you. Make sure your non-verbal cues are speaking positivity on your behalf. These elements are vital to making your first impression one you can be proud of.

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