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Filling the Gap

December 11, 2017

By: Lawyer Vaughn Jr.

Being unemployed can be quite the bummer. In a lot of cases, not having a job is not in your control. School, family, living arrangements, and spontaneous schedules are only a few reasons why you may experience an employment gap. The only thing worse than living through the hiccup in your career is trying to explain them in an interview. But don’t be discouraged; here are fews ways to fill the gaps.

If your schedule is too unstructured to keep a steady job, volunteering is a great option to consider. There are many non-profits continuously looking for new talent to express their passion. The best part about volunteering is that it can also get your “foot in the door” which can often set you up for potential employment opportunities.


If you are in a position where you want to enter your field of interest but certain limitations prohibit you from doing so, remember this – nothing is stopping you from learning more about your dream. Grab a book and start reading! If you are not able to land an internship, don’t be afraid to ask if you can shadow someone. Keep in mind, the internet also has nearly hundreds of learning resources for most disciplines. Don’t let the word “no” or a busy schedule discourage you from learning.


This is not an option for everyone given the field of interest.  And of course, you need to be somewhat seasoned or educated in the field for which you will be contributing speeches and literature. However, writing and speaking can pay pretty well, inspire others, and open the door to endless opportunities for networking.


Self-promote Through Social Media
Consider using social media to promote and expand your expertise on virtually anything. Many YouTube careers were simply birthed by someone with a fascination who created content on that subject. Be bold enough to express your passion and find others who enjoy your interest as much as you do.


Consider Temporary Work
Temporary work often provides job seekers the flexibility and work/life balance they need. At Manpower, we take pride in helping people find their place in the workforce. We offer our associates the ability to “try out” work in a variety of positions across many different industries. The success stories we have heard from people discovering what they love to do with us, and also people are happy to have their needs fulfilled with us.


Learn More

I hope this blog has encouraged you to be productive and sparked some creative ideas. For more ideas, check out our “Resources” and “Learn” pages at www.manpowermi.com.