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Leaders in the Making

Dealing With Change

January 5, 2018

By: Lawyer Vaughn Jr.

With the start of the New Year, many people are changing their ways – reading more, exercising more, or even learning to play an instrument. We try to pick up new habits to better ourselves. Similarly, in order to become more efficient, many companies and organizations are reworking their products and operations. This can lead to more (and different) work for everyone in the company. Change is usually met with some resistance and transitions are not always smooth – both on a corporate level and a personal level. Here are some ways you can work through the changes that are happening around you.


Acknowledge The Change
Our brains are fundamentally designed to help us repeat learned functions. It feels good to master a task and repeat it with a high degree of skill and consistency. When we are forced to break from our patterns, our minds sometimes tend to “freak-out.” Everyone experiences change on both micro and macro levels. From the kid learning to ride the school bus to the couple preparing to buy a house, it is important to realize how change enables growth and learning. When life is stagnant, growth and learning can stop. Change is good and switching up your routine is vital to moving forward. Accept the unsteadiness and try to learn from it.


Seek Support
Find someone outside your place of work with whom you can talk (and vent). The ideal person would be someone full of wisdom and who knows you pretty well. Having knowledge of your work industry certainly does not hurt. Science shows that humans and creatures need social interaction with others, ideally their own species. Lack of interaction can lead to mental health problems that can manifest themselves physically.


Embrace Flexibility
Take the bull by the horns! Companies love employees who can weather any storm thrown their way. If you are a seasoned employee or a note-taking newcomer do not shy away from new procedures. On the contrary, learning how to approach similar yet familiar tasks differently shows creativity and a sense of enthusiasm. Realize that change can sometimes be disguised as opportunity!


Try applying these three key approaches the next time you are faced with change. Just remember that change is healthy, even if it is not what we always desire. Plus… it can be an opportunity to stand out before your next review. For more information on overcoming challenges in your workplace, check out our “Resources” and “Learn” pages at www.manpowermi.com.