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Being Unique at Work

December 4, 2017

By: Lawyer Vaughn Jr.

Some call being different weird. That’s weird. Yesterday’s weird is today’s unique. Most businesses are no longer looking for cookie cutter employees. Employers want talent from different walks and thoughts of life. From the coffee shop girl with burgundy hair to the auto shop mechanic with neck tattoos, many companies will let you be yourself while working for them.

For this blog post, we have picked the brains of a few local employers to get their feelings about uniqueness in the workplace.

Employer #1 (Marketing)

“We have no feelings toward or against outward expression. What we prioritize is professionals that have work experience.”

This employer likes uniqueness in their candidates. What they dislike are padded resumes and candidates riding solely on their degrees. They stressed that experience is very important – along with proof of that experience.


Employer #2 (Food Service)

“Our mission is to love and get to know people. We try to create an environment for conversation and happiness. Tattoos and piercings aren’t really a struggle for us, we want our employees to feel comfortable. Anything that hinders their ability to do the job may be an issue.”

Some employers are more focused on the customer’s experience. Creating an atmosphere where a customer is willing to spend time, money, and even return is a big goal for any business. Maybe your platinum hair dye can spark up a friendly compliment leading to an intriguing conversation!


Employer #3 (General Labor)

“We have no policy regarding piercings or tattoos.”

Many employers are fairly indifferent on the subject. With piercings, tattoos, and hair dye becoming more common, employers are becoming more open.


Keep in mind that professionalism should always be your priority. It is fine to express yourself in different ways; just make sure they are appropriate for the workplace. If your job allows you to wear graphic-designed hoodies, try to refrain from anything with vulgarity. However, if you have a Star-Trek hoodie in the closet, do not feel strange giving it a wear once or twice a week. Embrace your individuality.

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